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Uncle Ron's
Business Development



Unit 16-17, Brookvale Trading

Estate, Moor Ln, Witton

Birmingham, B6 7AQ


Dear Mr. Mendez

Herein lies the proposal for business development of Uncle Ron's over the next 6 months.  

During our recent dialogue last month, I have managed to access some critical frameworks that needs to be implemented in your to successfully streamline the Uncle Ron's operations thus achieving sustainable growth and increase in revenue. The Uncle Ron's business model falls within my area of expertise, as I have spent the last fifteen years of my career working with similar business models, and have developed a wide knowledge base and understanding, of what is required to make this kind of business a global success. 

In this proposal I will outline why you should immediately consider implementing Operational Efficiency, New Product Development and Brand Development. 



Craslyn Benjamin

Supply Chain Strategist | Business Development Architect | PQCI Certification | FSMA Certification

Salad with Crispy Onions



Uncle Ron's existing business model has the capacity to increase its factory production and grow revenue, however, the business requires operational restructuring and implementing of key business development strategies to transform the business to achieve growth and relevance in the market place. There are no Standard Operating Procedure (SOP's) to systemize the production nor proper marketing and communication to support the business growth.


The Uncle Ron's brand has the potential to scale and expand its development to other customer base across Europe and the United Kingdom by offering more specialty and ready meals under its own brand. 

At present, Uncle Ron's production and distribution metrics needs to be optimized to achieve a minimum 95% order fill rate as the required resources are available to achieve this target. 


With over 15 years of experience in supply chain management, international trade, and working with top food companies globally, I believe I am poised to take the Uncle Ron's business and brand to the next level. 

I have global experience working with international food service companies, such as the Pacific Coast Fruit Company (Oregon & Seattle), and Grace Food International, in delivering strategies to support business development, marketing success and product innovation . My experience in this industry has given me first hand training on how to transform businesses for lasting success.


My strategy involves physically integrating myself into the organization to get a first hand experience of the current  processes and the overall operation.


By understanding the Uncle Ron's business model  and plans for the future, I will  be able to effectively tailor solutions to solve the problem of inefficiencies and drive sustainable growth.


Summary of my Four Step Process

Monitor and Control

Strategy Development 

Product Development and Innovation

Marketing and Communication

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First, I dissect and analyze the business to understand goals, constraints, assumptions, and scope. Once that process is completed, I then work on implementing strategies for sustainable growth.

The solution for Uncle Ron's requires the implementation of a 4-step tactical approach to renaissance the business. These approach will establish a blueprint for the business allowing for real time transformation that will propel the brand to another level.


I will start by developing an action plan for implementation. This plan will be triggered by a strategy discover that allows me to sit with core members of the Uncle Ron's business in order to fully understand the business and to outline the objectives to be undertaken over the next 6 months.

The plan will focus on specific goals and strategic initiative to be executed in order achieved planned objectives. Developing the strategic action plan will compose several plans of actions to include brand positioning, the new product development and innovation, business model framework and efficient production management.



Uncle Ron's has a strong foundation of being in the market for over 30 years however in order to grow the brand need to introduce new SKUs into the market through new product development and innovations from the Uncle Ron's brand offering. This means an introduction of new products with key formulations to strengthen the brand presence in the market. This will then increase production throughput and the overall revenue for the business. Two to three new SKUs will be developed and introduced as new product in the market. 



I will develop a tactical marketing plan to renaissance the entire Uncle Ron's brand presence to drive sales. The key elements of this marketing initiative will include execution of the following:

1.  Develop and Launch New website

2. Develop and launch the brand on social media 

3.  Rebranding of Uncle Ron's - the business and product offerings

4. Launch marketing growth strategy to increase sales and overall business revenue



Ensuring that that operations/production metrics, inventory management and growth strategy is working is critical. I will be working closely with the team to ensure that control strategies are maintained, and results achieved. 

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Time     |     Duration    |    Compensation

To undertake this project will require a minimum of 6 months as the Uncle Ron's marketing and communication strategy cannot be developed nor implemented without first executing the rebranding and proper development of a strong website.  

The first one to two months will require my physical present at the production facility once or twice per week then remaining works be executed virtually.

All figures are quoted in GBP

  • Minimum Period - 6 months

  • Fee – 5000.00 GBP per month 

  • I will submit an invoice each month, which is due payable within the last working day of each month

  • Signing bonus – 3000.00 GBP to be paid at start of the project with 2000 GBP balance payable at the end of the first month. 


Serial Entrepreneur   |   Creative   |   Supply Chain Strategist Agribusiness Specialist   |    Business Development Strategist Branding Strategist

Craslyn Benjamin is a Serial Entrepreneur and Creative who began small backyard farming with her  grandfather Clarence Benjamin and is now farming and producing on a global production level. She  seeks to model and invest in the development of agribusinesses, agriculture and the health and  beauty sector particularly through her company, Clarence Benjamin Group. 

Craslyn has garnered over ten years of experience in the shipping and allied industry and has over  eleven years of experience in export marketing and international trade. She has worked with  companies such as the Pacific Coast Fruit Company (Oregon & Seattle), and Grace Foods  International as a supply Chain Strategist distributing products within central Caribbean, Europe,  and the USA. She has extensive experience working with mid-market and large enterprises facilitating restructuring, lean thinking, product innovation, lean business model and strategy  development, new product development, recipe formulation and go-to-market implementation.  


Craslyn holds a Diploma in International Shipping and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Logistics and  Supply Chain Management from the Caribbean Maritime University. She is an Official Richard  Branson Centre Legacy Entrepreneur, UN Women MCO- Caribbean Yemanja Alumni and President  Barack Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Alumni.

  • Terminal Operations Systems (COSMOS, and IQ - Ship)

  • Competent knowledge of other software (SAP and Windows OS)

  • Strong command of the Microsoft Office Suite (word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Future Service International - Intrapreneurship Development (Intrapreneurship project on product and Service innovation)

  • Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneur - Official Branson Centre Legacy Entrepreneur

  • Roxana Consultants - Leadership Development Coaching

  • Young Leader of America’s Initiative - (YLAI) Fellow 2016

  • Experience Entrepreneur in Agribusiness, Agroprocessing and Food Manufacturing sector and developing community-based agribusinesses 

  • Strong expertise in business development and strategic planning 

  • Significant experience working in Central Caribbean, Europe and United States of America in the Agribusiness and Prepared Foods Sector 

  • Ability to work and travel Globally 

  • Ability to motivate, build high-functioning teams, and work well with others.


To build sustainable brands and businesses that align with our customers’ vision for growth.


To develop strong brands and implement business strategies that translate into what our customers desire for success.

Image by Shridhar Gupta

Let us meet to discuss these solutions in detail at your earliest convenience.

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