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The Finest in
Jamaican Specialty Foods

100% Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten free

We Are Food People

   GLUTEN-FREE                    |                 VEGAN-FRIENDLY                |              VEGETARIAN

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Our Story

The Story of Benlar

CEO and Founder Craslyn Benjamin established Benlar Foods in 2015, while working as a strategic forecaster with Jamaican food giant, Grace Kennedy.


With a determination to take the concept of ‘we grow, we package, you eat’ to build a global brand, Benlar’s commitment is focused on producing and selling high quality prepared food products for the domestic and international markets.


The company is a combination of cutting

edge, high quality, efficient food technology and production and is committed to the improvement of great taste and excellent quality and nutritional value.

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©2022 Web Design & Product Packaging Design created by Made By Molli  |  

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