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Indulge in our 100% Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-Free specialties.

The Epitome of Jamaican Culinary Artistry

We Grow. 
We Package.
You Eat.
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Cultivating, Packing, Savoring

Why Choose Jamaican Delicacies?

  • Favorable Climate for Year-round Crops

  • Global Logistics Node: Competitive Edge

  • Efficient Multimodal Transport Systems

  • Leading Caribbean Cargo Hub

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Our Founder's Vision

Founded in 2015 by CEO and Founder Craslyn Benjamin, Benlar Foods emerged from the expertise gained while working with Jamaican food giant, Grace Kennedy.

Driven by the idea of 'we grow, we package, you eat', Benlar was born with a mission to establish a global brand. Our dedication lies in crafting and offering premium prepared food products for both local and global markets.

Blending innovation, top-tier technology, and efficient production methods, Benlar embodies exceptional taste, quality, and nutrition.

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Export & Logistics

“Hosting the world’s seventh-largest natural harbor, Jamaica is a premier destination for exports.”

With our ISO 14001 and BRC Food Certification, we can validate our commitment to the safety, quality, legality, and integrity of our products.